What should you pay attention to when installing a leg prosthesis orthosis

The emergence of artificial limbs is a happy thing for amputees, helping them solve many life problems. Zhongkang prostheses and orthopedic devices introduce that people don’t need to sit in a wheelchair after installing artificial limbs, and they can walk by themselves after correct rehabilitation training. Therefore, for amputees, it is very important to install a suitable prosthesis, and there are also a lot of matters needing attention when wearing prosthesis. Once there is a problem in wearing prosthesis, we must contact Zhongkang prosthesis Rehabilitation Center in time to avoid the stump being hurt again. Next, Zhongkang prosthesis and orthosis will tell you about the matters that patients need to pay attention to when installing leg prosthesis and orthosis.

2. Patients need to pay attention to the adaptability of the prosthesis acceptance cavity

Patients should always pay attention to the skin color and damage status of the weight-bearing part of the iliac ligament in the leg bearing cavity. If there is obvious pain and abnormal skin redness, the receiving cavity should be repaired immediately, otherwise it will bring great damage to the skin. There is a gap at the lower end of the thigh attraction cavity, which often causes the skin at the end of the stump to become hard and black. In this case, the remaining limb and the opening cavity need to be thoroughly touched to improve the damage to the skin.

3, prosthetic limb residual limb adhesion scar

The skin is attached to the bone of the leg, and the scar on the stump is on the bone, so the skin will be easily scraped and the scar will be scratched, and the wound is very difficult to heal. In this respect, attention should be paid to cavity adaptation, materials used in soft bushes, and sometimes simple plastic surgery and skin grafts are needed for better skin movement.

Post time: Jun-03-2019